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March 27, 2023

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Kit and DeniseSeptember 13, 2020

Thank you for a wonderful Podcast Scot and Maurine. So sorry to hear about your accident Maurine. We will keep both of you in our thoughts and prayers. Good luck with your oral surgery, Scot. We love you both and are looking forward to our trip to the British Isles in June. Be of good cheer enjoy this beautiful fall weather.

Nadine AndertonSeptember 13, 2020

I had my own experience on that Hiawatha Trail! Although, thankfully, I didn't break my arm or get caught in the wheels - I just lost my balance right away and rolled into the wall and sat in the ditch of water. I discovered that unless I could see the light at the end of the tunnel, I had to walk my bike. There must be some kind of a lesson there . . . Fortunately some of the tunnels were short enough to see the other end of the tunnel from the start. I loved you story!

Nina OwnbySeptember 7, 2020

Once again your inspired and inspiring podcast shared insights and experiences that enrich our life-application of the scriptures. Thank you for these many weeks, months, you have faithfully expanded understandings and brought greater light to our study. We love you and pray that blessings of healing and strength ever continue with each of you.

carolyn madsonSeptember 6, 2020

Dear Scot and Maurine, I am so very sorry to hear and read of your recent physical trials from accidents and surgeries. Thank you for another wonderful podcast that you have presented, especially as you have dealt with physical pain and trial. Your dedicated efforts are appreciated by so many! Wishing you both a very speedy recovery!

Don ShillcoxSeptember 6, 2020

Brother and Sister Proctor, Thank you so much for your weekly "Come Follow Me" podcast on the Book of Mormon. I admire your dedication each week to put together this podcast, especially this past week when you have been beset with your own personal trials. Please know your efforts are appreciated and have brought new life to the scriptures, at least for me. Your podcast is something I look forward to each week.



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