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October 22, 2020

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Denise CottrellAugust 28, 2020

Thank you for sharing this. I am moved to tears and felt the spirit as I was imagining these strong and courageous people while reading this beautiful story. As we know, though OUR trials may not be wolves, handcarts,or tossing seas, we, if we have faith and turn to the Lord in all things, will not only learn lessons, but in fact be drawn closer to Him becoming as God would desire us to become. The question is, will we stop, ponder, heed, learn and grow? That is a question for all of us to ask ourselves.I am grateful for the example of so many stalwart people that provide me with courage and strength.

[email protected]August 28, 2020

Of course I have heard of them! I am part of them! My great-grandfather, Caniel Stark, and his wife were part of that voyage. Dorthea Swensen Kendall

CecileAugust 27, 2020

In 1997, the Santa Rosa California Stake produced a pageant - the first half told of the Pioneer Pilgrims who came to Yerba Buena on The Brooklyn. The second half of the Pageant told of modern day Pioneers who had found their way to Santa Rosa, California. There were 300 people in the cast, and it was shown for four or five nights over two weekends. So, there is a group of people in Santa Rosa who know this history very well!

DavidAugust 26, 2020

Brigham Young prophesied that Sam Brannan would suffer the consequences of his bad behavior if he didn't repent. After founding Calistoga in the Napa Valley, he ended up losing everything financially, and ended up being buried in what was then a pauper's grave in what is now Greenwood Cemetery in San Diego. Among other things, he apparently collected tithing as leader of the church in California, but never got around to sending it to Salt Lake City. Brannan St. in San Francisco's financial district is named after him.



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