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December 8, 2023

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carolynJuly 24, 2020

Susanne, I hope more are doing this! Good for you. It is so important for our posterity to know what we dealt with and how we dealt and that we came thru.

Susanne DavidsonJuly 23, 2020

A great article Thank you so much! Great comments from so many. If I may, I want to add to all that has been said. As for me, I decided to write up (to add to my life history and for others) what the pandemic , is and how it impacted my life. This way, my posterity will have something to read, to see what I, as their grandmother, great, great ,great grandmothe lived through in 2020. I entitled my writing REMEMBER OH! REMEMBER. I have had great joy in writing this!

Patti W.July 22, 2020

Thank you for such an uplifting article! I always learn from your column and appreciate your positive, sensible advice, which is in line with church doctrine and counsel.

Donald HoffmanJuly 22, 2020

I have learned that the people will be given evil for truth, that they may be put into bondage, while the Constitution will hang by a brittle thread in these now the latter days, and if we do not do our homework and speak out, we will not be the latter day saints that brother Joseph said would be the saviors of this great country.



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