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June 14, 2024

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Pauline HarryJuly 5, 2020

I liked your article Maureen. It seems Jefferson was favored somehow by God but I believe he was of a pro slavery mindset based upon what I’ve studied on the presidents and pilgrims who were against it, but foisted repeatedly upon them by the British. Maybe it’s a Laman/ Nephi time issue - opposition in all things!

Kathleen FulmerJuly 5, 2020

SPOT ON as always, Maurine. What a thought provoking article and tribute to great men and women with a righteous cause.

Janet McCulloughJuly 5, 2020

Thank you for this most enlightening article. I am Canadian but have a very strong interest in American history and feel very patriotic. As brothers and sisters I feel no borders between us. The love for freedom has been etched in my soul since a child and so our "Canada Day" and your " July 4th Day of Independence" (which are only a few days apart) are very stirring to my soul.We are blessed to live in these choice lands which must be protected. I learned so much from your article which has added to my understanding of these two great leaders under God's direction.Thank you!

Treena ParkerJuly 5, 2020

Beautifully written article -- timely and inspirational.

Gail BJuly 4, 2020

If God be with them, who can be against them? As members of Christ’s church on the earth I hope each of us understands that our Founding Fathers were chosen and set apart by God our Heavenly Father. I pray that each of us will be found on the Right side of the line that is being drawn for us! We must defend our Founding Fathers and the God-Given Principles they proclaimed, Freedom and Justice for ALL!

Carol Ann ShepherdJuly 4, 2020

Thank you, Maureen, for your well-written words. These two men were outstanding patriots to the end of their lives for our great country. We, too, need to be patriots today and help preserve the heritage of those who went before us. The torch has been passed onto us. Let us always remember and keep sacred the American Covenant with Almighty God.

Frankie HallJuly 4, 2020

This is a wonderful, thoughtful, inspiring message. Thank you so very much for sharing. I love it!

Jane HyteJuly 4, 2020

I absolutely loved reading this touching story of these great men! Thank you Maurine!

MaryJuly 3, 2020

I thought Jefferson owned slaves?? Why is there no mention of that in your article? Yes, I believe we need to honor their works but they were flawed human beings and history is history. They were brutal in their treatment of their brothers and sisters. God worked in spite of their flaws. We cannot heal as a nation if we do not face the facts. Just as Jesus restored the gospel through Joseph Smith. We can restore unity and healing by acknowledging the past and making restitution. God bless America.

John Melvin DoddJuly 3, 2020

Thank you for this brilliant and intensely passionate defense of our heritage as expressed in The Declaration of Independence and our annual celebration of our nation's birthday on July 4, 1776. Jefferson and John Adams were friends, became political enemies, but in their older years realize the were forever linked together in a greater common cause and renewed their friendship and admiration for each other. Today we should thank our God for Jefferson and Adams and what they helped create.

Isaac C. "Ike" FergusonJuly 3, 2020

I was emotionally moved by this thoughtful piece. Thank you. Through all the turmoil of agitation and hate, I too cling to the Lord's promises that this great nation was set up for a purpose beyond mortal ambitions. Jefferson and Adams, and many others, including the thousands who sacrificed their lives to preserve North America, did indeed have that "divine spark" that led them on in a greater cause. Our duty is to follow through on the Lord's intentions by being active citizens, voting and acting in the spirit of freedom and independence, and living our lives in a righteous manner so as to witness to our creator that we understand His plan and cry out in support of it by our daily actions.

Ruth A KingJuly 3, 2020

Thank you for this stirring message that is so needed at this time in our country.

Patricia MerrickJuly 3, 2020

I've often thought that it truly was providence that these two patriots both died on the 50th anniversary of Independence Day. Your article is very well written and thought-provoking. Thank you!

Gordon SwensenJuly 3, 2020

With all the tumult and uncertainty in our world today, this article gave me increased hope and understanding! A great way to begin the 4th of July weekend! Thank you for the historical insight and reminder into the both the concept of freedom, and the divinely inspired vision of the Founding Fathers!

joel MarksJuly 3, 2020

Sister Prictor: Nothing short if amazing. Moreover Mr Adams and Mr Jefferson were amazing. Long live what they are but most of all what they did, bequeath freedom to unborn millions. This generation needs to take a lesson from the dead, before they extinguish the liberties some of their and our ancestors lived for. God bless America, from sea to shining sea.

Jenna CareyJuly 3, 2020


LorraineQJuly 3, 2020




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