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May 6, 2021

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Janice GardnerJuly 22, 2020

Thank you Anne - these are such inspiring stories. I know that people are not always saved from tragedies - I have friends whose son recently passed tragically (along with friends) - he was a worthy priesthood holder. I hope that someday (if not already) they will feel their son or other angels to console them in their loss... I would love to hear some stories about experiences with angels after people have died in seemingly tragic ways...

Robert W CowartJuly 19, 2020

Thanks Anne,you are my favorite on Meridian. It seems like the older one gets the more they feel closer to the other side. These stories really touched me. I am living with my youngest daughter and her husband in their basement apartment taking care of my stroke victim wife who has been on Hospice home care for over 2 years. The Doctor says she is close to leaving. I know there are many thousands on the other side who are anxiously waiting to greet her.We once calculated she had prepared names for well over 20 thousand of her and my ancestors for temple work. I long to be there for that meeting But I may have to settle for a replay.

Birdie RipiJuly 16, 2020

These stories are life changing and true. I know in my heart that family angels are always near. I know they love us and are watching over us. I have had my own personal experiences with them so I bear testimony of that.

BeverlyJuly 8, 2020

My oldest daughter used to put her arm around me and lay her head on my shoulder-even as an adult. She passed away in 2006 and since then I've felt her head on my shoulder many times. I once gave a talk in sacrament meeting and mentioned my daughter. A sister who had not known my daughter came up to me afterward and described her perfectly. She had seen her standing beside me as I spoke. That is a precious memory for me.

Joann DelamareJuly 2, 2020

I love these stories because they are so true and "Family Angels" are real and I am so grateful for these blessings in our life. Thank you for the stories. Your cousin JoAnn



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