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September 28, 2021

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Mark JankeJuly 6, 2020

Good call James. When the prophet speaks...the post script is always: “Thus saith the the Lord.”

Dr. HJuly 4, 2020

I'm a member of the LDS Academy of Dentists. When President Nelson came out with his request regarding the name change, the Academy leadership polled the members on a list of possible names. None communicated that nature of our organization, and/or its affiliation with the church. The attempt was finally given up, and we continue with a name which mow violates church policy. There are good reasons for condensing names into identifications which are of a useable length in normal conversation and written forms. Is there an abbreviated form of the church name which would allow an economy of language? "Mormon" and "LDS" worked for many years, but they're now no longer acceptable in the eyes of current church leadership.

Sheryl BattyJuly 1, 2020

The name should be changed to Church of Jesus Christ. The current name is too long.

Paul HJuly 1, 2020

I was told back in the 1960’s that a new stake center has been built in California and when then-President McKay went to dedicate it he noticed the sign on it said “LDS Church” and he told the local authorities to open their Doctrine and Covenants books and read what the Lord named “His Church” and to get that name onto the building, replacing what they had done. I am sorry I have no reference to cite but it makes sense.

KLTJuly 1, 2020

Having read a number of Ms. Reiss's articles I question whether this Church is really her faith. All she does is complain and criticize about the Church, its leaders and its practices.

DavidDJuly 1, 2020

Regarding references to the full name of Church, I don't understand how absolutely no one seems to be concerned with the scriptural reminder in D&C 107:4 that the Holy Priesthood after the Order of the Son of God is called the Melchizedek Priesthood "out of respect or reverence to the name of the Supreme Being, to avoid the too frequent repetition of his name." And while we as members of the Church are very much used to the term, "Latter-day Saints," referring to ourselves as Saints to others seems arrogant and prideful to me. The same as if we used the term "Almost Gods."

James BlackJuly 1, 2020

Since when is 'Following the Prophet ' idolatry of any sort?



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