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July 13, 2020

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LeslieJuly 5, 2020

This made me think of the Iroquois "Great Law of Peace" and their seal, which includes a tree, with the image of a weapon buried beneath it.

Donald CyrJune 30, 2020

I am thankful for your questions and I am grateful to feel the willingness of my heart to face life problems differently from now on... it's a matter of a conscious decision process for a better peace of mind and real thrust in the Savior... I should not react but act like Christians should. THANKS brother. (At Gethsemane Peter show up a sword but the Lord gently teach him, a different way for our remission).

Jenny SvendsenJune 30, 2020

WOW! What a life changing article! I really made me think of what I can 'bury' in my life, thank you so much for these thoughts!

ShaunaJune 30, 2020

Thank you

Theodore BrandleyJune 30, 2020

Points well made. However, we need to remember that they then had to rely on the Nephites for their defense and send their sons to fight their wars.



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