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July 13, 2020

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John MatthewsJune 28, 2020

Thank you for the article. We are now seeing mob rule because the elected government officials will not act. It truly is a time in our country‘s history where right and good are declared wrong and evil.

A. BinghamJune 28, 2020

A timely and well thought out article. Thank you.

W EvansJune 27, 2020

Thank you for your comments and insights. I am reminded of a couple of talks from Hillsdale College on this subject. Here are the links: and I am so disappointed that people are rushing to remove the history of people who have been beneficial to the creation and improvement of this nation. Did Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Grant and other leaders have faults? You bet they did! But look what they accomplished in spite of their faults in creating a nation where we could pursue life, liberty, and happiness. Property destruction, defamation of good and honorable people only promote hate; it doesn't resolve anything. To say that certain peoples' lives matter, and then destroy public property, or to destroy the livelihood of people make them liars and hypocrites. I pray that we will be wise in our choices and decisions and look to promote life, liberty and happiness which was granted to us in our Constitution. Without these, we are nothing.

KayJune 26, 2020

You give these spoiled brats way to much credit. They want destruction and chaos - pure and simple. They are anarchists who've been brainwashed in our schools and universities. It's so distressing to see our leaders condone this behavior. This isn't democracy- its anarchy.

BradJune 26, 2020

Anyone awaken to their awful state yet? Such a sad state of affairs going on.

Miriam CottamJune 26, 2020

The statue in Seattle can't be taken down because it sits on private property but to honor Lenin the private property the statue is on should be ceased since his first day in power he abolished private land ownership. If anyone objects have them killed or interned in a concentration camp. Also, don't report any of these actions in the media since Lenin strictly censored the press. If the people in Washington truly want to honor Lenin they are going about it all wrong.

James RawsonJune 26, 2020

There is no legitimate reason for the anarchy of these rioters! And, why the rioting and destruction now! We’re fools to not believe this wasn’t organized for the moment! A crybaby uneducated generation that lives off welfare is leading us further into a Socialist/Marxist philosophy of daily living!

Colleen ShieldsJune 26, 2020

Great inquiry, as we try to sort out the implication of recent actions in our fragile country; whose constitution is surely, 'hanging by a thread'.

Ronald PolsleyJune 25, 2020

Thomas Jefferson once said that "the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death"

CPGJune 25, 2020

One question - who is the "they" and who is the "us"? The very title of the article is divisive and does not seek to understand the core of the issues on the table which is needed in order to resolve the problems.

Terry ManningJune 25, 2020

I do not care about the fine lines being drawn as to whose statue is worthy to remain and whose should go. I worry about the total lack of respect being shown for the rule of law. Why are some justified in choosing for the majority? Why is this violence being allowed? These are decisions that need to be made by the people as a whole, not mobs. We are rapidly losing all pretence of a civil society.

Joseph ShumwayJune 25, 2020

Eye opening!

ron reedJune 25, 2020

Make no mistake the leaders of black lives matter and antifa are radical marxist revolutionaries and want to destroy the constitution. No amount of social justice reparations or defunding police or kissing their behind will satisfy them. The majority of the others have been taught that socialisim and marxisim are good. The Book of Mormon is for our day, as i read it every day i fear we are at the point of civil war

Dave HallJune 25, 2020

I believe this is the fulfillment of Nephi's prophecy in 2 Ne 28:20 - "At that day shall he rage in the hearts of the children of men, and stir them up to anger against that which is good."

DavidJune 25, 2020

I can't help but be amused in 1910, former President Barrack Obama delivered the eulogy for Senator Robert Byrd, who was a KKK organizer and later a chapter leader. No mention of his Klan background during the speech, but lots of praise for the help he gave his party in helping run their agenda through the senate, and similar praise for his ability to bring government largesse to his state of W. Virginnia. Seems like political memories can be highly selective!

Mirin NelsonJune 25, 2020

I really don’t think this is about race or toppling statues. This, in my opinion, is a political movement. It is about trying to remove anyone or anything that is “American”. These people who are toppling statutes aren’t peaceful protestors. The leaders of these groups are left wing radicals who want to take our freedoms from us. They don’t care about laws, especially The Constitution. They don’t care about our “rights”. They only care about their political agenda and will do anything to get what they want!l... in my opinion...

Richard ParsonsJune 25, 2020

It is all a bunch of BS. No pride in America and what it stands for. We are headed to socialism.

DonnaJune 25, 2020

“There are sins America must make restitution for.” Ummmmm, how about all the Ives sacrificed in the battlefield during the Civil War? How about families sacrificing to send their loved ones? Major difference between those toppling statues and our founding fathers—the founding fathers struggled and worked their way to make right choices and sacrificed and left the world a better place. It would be a very interesting thing to lay bare the personal life of those who are so quick to condemn Jefferson and Washington.

Lorna BantaJune 25, 2020

And there in Seattle stands a 16 foot statue of Lenin. Maybe energy would be better used to end slavery where it exists now. Which person of color living in the United States today would choose to return to the country of their heritage? Is the goal a better life going forward or enjoying the opportunity to be lawless and destructive today and damn tomorrow.

Craig HarveyJune 25, 2020

If the Book of Mormon is truly a parallel to our day, I don't see any way we cannot avoid another civil war in this country. The real question is if it is a parallel...are we approaching Alma 43 or are we coming up on 3rd Nephi 6? I lean towards the later. To quote one of my favorite characters from literature "The time will come when we have to choose between doing what is right and what is easy."

Janie BrayJune 25, 2020

Thank you for this article. Why some expect perfection from others when we are not perfect is something that I don’t understand. The state of our time right now is not only shameful but incredibly sad

rogerJune 25, 2020

"Let he who is whit out sin cast the first stone." Those who are pulling down these symbols of our history are also those who are sucking on the teat of welfare provided by this great nation. They do not understand what it has taken to build this country or what it has cost to defend it. Thanks, educators!

Jonathan JamesJune 25, 2020

So God had the amelikites and ismaelites and other desert dwellers killed by the Hebrews, should the Middle East tear down God ? Moses and the Ten Commandments? Once you start down this road where do you stop?These children doing this have shed no blood for their beliefs when they have toppled this country lets see how they feel when the killers come and take from their families, should hear no whining for what they really did not want.

Arthur CornettJune 25, 2020

Thought provoking! Thank you

Minerva MillerJune 25, 2020

Excellent article to make readers see no one is perfect-- not even the best of our heroes and leaders and idols. Only one lived a perfect life on earth-- our Savior Jesus Christ. The annals of history are filled with only imperfect people. Not only should we learn from the mistakes of others and the past, but also acknowledge the power of good even imperfect people are capable of doing. The Founding Fathers were by any standards all imperfect but their contributions to establish the foundations of freedom and democracy in this country should be acknowledged.

Karen LundstedtJune 25, 2020

We are all at the mercy of the mobs now. This is now America. My father who left communist Cuba said it would happen here and it has. Neighbor vs neighbor. "Mask shaming" you're a "racist" for any reason. It's all a power grab to destroy this country make no mistake.



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