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August 12, 2022

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Bob SJune 25, 2020

Talk to people Listen to the Spirit Don’t have “an agenda” — just talk

John TrevorJune 25, 2020

I really 'FELT' your article entitled "What could make you be a better missionary?" I am the high councilor responsible for missionary work in our stake. Would you please give me permission to have it printed and hand it personally to members of our stake? PLEASE!! You encapsulate my personal feelings in the article but although I have expressed those feelings when bearing testimony I have never attempted to write them down. Thank you sooo much.

HelenJune 25, 2020

And here we have it again; another answer to the prayer I was humbling offering less than 10 minutes ago! “Father, please help me reach out to my Christian friend [who refuses anything outside the Bible to be his guide] in a way that pleases Thee.” Thank you.

John TrevorJune 25, 2020

You have so beautifully summarized, how we all need to feel, in order to be better missionaries. Than you so much,



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