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September 29, 2020

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Still StrivingJune 16, 2020

It may be helpful to distinguish "visits from" and "visions of" in the matter of heavenly beings. The former refers to the physical presence of a heavenly being on the earth, and the latter refers to heavenly beings seen in vision without necessity of being physically present. Both are sacred and profound, though very different in context. This is a much appreciated article.

Scot ProctorJune 15, 2020

Scot ProctorJune 15, 2020 Here is an article detailing the visits and references.

Carey CannonJune 15, 2020

Bro. Proctor, Hi. In 40 years of reading church history I have never heard of "at least five visits from the Father and the Son" to the Prophet Joseph. Can you point in the directions of where I can find that information? Thanks. Carey Cannon

Joel Robin MarksJune 15, 2020

I have now read Joseph's announcements of how to pray for the second time and will take this wisdom into my bosom for the rest of this veil of tears into the light bright tunnel of eternity. Thanks you Scot for such a triumph!!

Brian VuinovicJune 15, 2020

What are the sources used to discover that Joseph was visited by so many heavenly messengers? I have done some study of his life but had no idea that the Father and the Son visited the Prophet five times or that of all the Nephite 12 apostles visited him as well.

Bradley AndersonJune 15, 2020

I enjoyed these insights very much. I was a little surprised, however, that you included a quote from Lectures on Faith and attributed it to the Prophet. Your own magazine published an article some time ago making it clear that the Lectures were written by Sydney Rigdon and not Joseph Smith. The point made was accurate, and appropriate, but it would be good to get some clarification on that small matter

Charles McClellandJune 15, 2020

Thanks, Scot, for this insightful article on prayer. You have described aspects of prayer that we all need to be aware of.



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