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August 9, 2022

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ChristineMay 29, 2020

I always appreciate the thoughtfulness and thoroughness you exhibit with your responses. I have recently taken on a lot of family responsibilities lately including the return home of all my kids plus one and caretaking of my recently widowed mother. There are times I’ve been feeling emotionally drained yet feel the pressure to put on a good face. Though my situation is different your advice was helpful to me too. I think I feel responsible for everyone’s happiness and well being and I shouldn’t and it’s OK if I need to withdraw to regroup and gain emotional strength to be able to handle life’s demands without breaking me.

vickieMay 29, 2020

it sounds like she has other children.i cant even imagine how she is handling this at all. her adopted son is an adult and he does have a mental illness because of his past. she raised him for part of that time...probably dealing with his behaviors then. it sounds like he needs more extensive therapy. and it also sounds like he can be her and to maybe the other siblings...i hate to say this but as long as he is around....she will always be stressed ...mainly because she isnt getting what usually happens when children grow up to be adults...they leave and do things for themselves. apparently he is still too insecure to move out and be on his own. more than likely he would be in trouble all the time. i can feel her worn out feelings...she doesnt have anything else to give....maybe they need the family that is to go to family therapy together and discuss everything...if he has to have medication to act normal....then that might mean she has to always ben in his life...monitering him to make sure he takes his medication....lots of people forget to take it or get tired of taking it and quit...when is her job looks like never....i feel for her...its about the same as when parents have a handicapped child ...and that child lives with them their entire lives until they die. prayers for her going through this..

Mom of 5May 29, 2020

Great question and answer. Did you perhaps mean, at the end of your article, for the Mother to excuse herself WITHOUT explanation when she feels the need? Not sure she owes others an explanation.



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