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May 16, 2021

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DavidMay 24, 2020


Ann T TerryMay 22, 2020

Philo Taylor Farmsworth's family have a story about who they think is Victor Hugo. When Philo came to Nauvoo he was kind of adopted by Franklin Dewey Richards who was the Pres of the Twelve. Philo took care of his family as he was asked to spend time away from them. Just before the Saints left Nauvoo. Pres Richards left for a Mission to England and Europe. While there he went to France and through a member of the Church was able to get a permit to hold meetings. During one such meeting a man burst in through the door, very upset. He had lost his PG daughter and son-in-law in a boating accident. No one could comfort him, not even his Church.. They took him into another room and were able to calm him down. Years later this French Church member came to Utah and stayed with Philo Taylor Farmsworth's family. One day as he was out walking he came upon a little girl who had lost the money her mother gave to her to buy some bread after she had gotten some water. This Frenchman calmed her down and gave her money to buy the bread. Does this story sound familiar, It is in Les Miserables.. If you study Victor Hugo's writings you will find bits and pieces of the gospel. Was he the upset man who heard the gospel in that Church Meeting in France?

JeanneMay 22, 2020

Carl Rahner, a revered theologian, also spoke of the "infinite horizon" as God. This was because one looks forward at a horizon but never reaches it. It is always just out of our reach but as we walk it calls us forward in our travels. Looking through this lens I consider the perfection of God as my infinite horizon. Here in mortality I will never reach perfection. But the call of God for me to become like him keeps me striving forward toward it.



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