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June 1, 2020

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Patricia PetersoonMay 28, 2020

Thank you for your insights. I typically read ahead, but come back to re- read sections after listening / reading your podcast. I always pick up a little more insight for myself after your podcasts are released. Thank you again.

Debbie HenckeMay 24, 2020

Timely article for our day. Thank you! I appreciate your insights and stories that shine light into the principals being taught.

John KammeyerMay 22, 2020

We are so brainwashed into the idea of a separation of church and state that we don't see the Book of Mormon as a political text. "Faith without works is dead," and so is doctrine unless put into effect. The Gospel is to be lived, and we are to become a Zion society, which requires a social ("political") structure. The Book of Mormon is also obsessed with politics, what makes a good or bad society. I went through some of the political writings of the classic Greek writers, and was astounded to find how many of the same concepts are jammed into Mosiah 29.It turns out the concepts were also part of ancient Israelite political thinking.



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