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August 12, 2022

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John KammeyerMay 26, 2020

I've heard a lot of prayers that had to be repeated--but in my 55 years of membership, I've never seen a tray get dropped.

ShareeMay 25, 2020

Not all of us have the opportunity to partake of the Sacrament in our homes. Those of us who are older single sisters living alone have now gone 10 weeks without it. I asked my Bishop if,now that we will soon be starting up again, but some of us still advised not to attend, if priesthood members will be able to bring us the sacrament. He doesn't have an answer on that for me yet.

Michael G. BeckstrandMay 22, 2020

One time on Fast Sunday a priest with autism had to say the sacrament prayer 3 times before getting it right. His mother in the front pew was really stressed her son was going to freak out. But he made it through it. The first testimony that day was a woman who said she was thankful for the young man having to say the prayer 3 times. It made her pay much more attention and understand better the covenants and promises made. You could see the mother relax and feel so thankful for that woman's testimony. I was able to see the whole exchange as I was sitting on the stand as a member of the Stake Presidency. I too was thankful for the renewed emphasis of the sacrament prayers.

Jan KingMay 21, 2020

I've had the privilege of being present when Bob Hilton served as a Home Teacher in my daughter's home. I've been blessed to have Joni be the speaker at our Visiting Teaching Conference when I served as a RS President, and I always enjoy her articles. This one caught my attention as well as my heart. My husband struggles with speech and memory issues and faced the responsibility of blessing the sacrament in our home with some trepidation. I know of his heart and of his worthiness to officiate in that ordinance, and in spite of some stumbles, I'm confident that his efforts are acceptable before the Lord.

JanMay 21, 2020

What a wonderful reminder to me of the sacrament meaning of the change for renewal we all need daily. Thank you.

Mary JurgaitisMay 21, 2020

I have - many times. I appreciate it because I get to hear the words again. Next time I will keep in mind what was said in the article about being able to fix things when we make mistakes.

Bob WellsMay 21, 2020

I wholeheartedly agree. Thank you for writing that. One more thought that has occurred to me is that some people might wonder if the ordinance is valid if a mistake is made and not corrected, or if someone performing or assisting with the ordinance isn't "worthy" for some reason. I have come to learn that, yes, the ordinance is valid for those who partake of it. In the first place, the atonement prevents us from being held accountable for other people's sins or mistakes. In the second place, when a leader approves an ordinance, he does so under full authority from Jesus Christ (that's one thing that Priesthood and acting in the name of the Savior accomplishes). Therefore, as I understand it, if the leader says it is good enough, the Savior accepts and ratifies it as having been done under His delegated authority. And if the Bishop authorizes someone to perform the ordinance in a home, the same principle applies even though the Bishop himself is not present. I love what you taught about the atonement being about correcting mistakes. YES!

Patricia WintersMay 21, 2020

Once, a prayer had to be given three times. By the third time, the prayer had added significance to me, as I hung on every word. The sacrament prayer was especially valued to me after that time.

Des BromilowMay 21, 2020

no set prayers, but every ordinace of salvation (and exaltation) has either a set wording, or a set of "must have inclusions" followed by "as the Spirit dictates"... if it's linked to a covenant, Heavenly Father sets the terms, and as such we must use the wording he has given so we are compliant in setting up those covenants. Baptism, Gift of the Holy Ghost, Sacrament, temple, ordinations... they all have sections dictated by the source of the covenant. I think it was Grant L Harris (Drawing down the powers of heaven" was the first time I recognised the precedent of others making covenants with the terms set in consultation, rather than set from on high.



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