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August 9, 2022

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Darlene NelsonApril 28, 2020

Thank you for your insights. I invited many friends to join with us in the Good Friday fast. My intention is to give some of those who participated with us a Book of Mormon. Your thoughts have given me insights on where many of them are coming from, arming me with fuel for the conversations ahead. So Grateful for the gift of being an lds woman with priesthood power, guidance from a living Prophet and Apostles, and the Book of Mormon to light my way. PS. I enjoy you columns and look for your insightful sharings

vickieApril 28, 2020

when reading this...I noticed that it was said that revelation only comes to prophets and I forget what else....I believe that God does reveal things to all of us. I do believe the prophet receives revelation from God for us in the church and even the world....but we also receive revelation for our families and for our callings and in warnings ...I have received many revelations in my life..i was surprised when it happened but it was a necessary thing. I am grateful for a prophet here on this earth and I do wish that people not of our faith wouldn't be so afraid of the word is significant. the bible is our connection to other people of faith because it is what they believe in. I studied british literature and it talks about how the bible was taken through many stages and so many people do not know this.



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