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May 30, 2023

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Ann StevensonApril 30, 2020

Great article. I, too, would love to share this with my grandchildren who are graduating. Is it ok to copy it and send it to them?

Bonnie GallowayApril 28, 2020

I loved this and would like to copy everything but the pictures to give to two of my grandchildren that are graduating from college. Please let me know if that is possible to email the talk without those darling and fun pictures of your nephew. Appreciate all your podcasts too. Thank you both for everything you do!

Richard DahlApril 28, 2020

Scot: The best commencement address I have ever read, well done. No. 6, Trust in the Lord, is of extreme importance if we are to stay on the covenant path to return to our Father in Heaven. Two scriptures I like are: Proverbs 3:5-8 and 2 Nephi 4:34 Thank you.

DuaneApril 27, 2020

Wonderful advice, Scot. What an inspiring read!

Brad GrowApril 27, 2020

I so needed to hear this. Thank you brother!

Carol AnnApril 27, 2020

I absolutely LOVED this! Thanks for sharing. This gave me some ideas of my own!

DianeApril 27, 2020

Scot, this should be spoken at EVERY graduation across the world! Excellent advice for ALL! I will save this and share with others. You and 'Mama' Proctor are amazing people. (Love your podcasts, too!)

Lynette LewisApril 27, 2020

Thank You for this 'Graduation Speech'. I will share it with my graduate so she too can learn these 10 Lessons of life as she goes forth.

Claudia Henderson SmithApril 27, 2020

Scot, what a great graduation speech. And ... the pictures were great, too. Thanks so much for sharing this knowledge with us!

Chris HowellApril 27, 2020

Great counsel and words to mold a life.

John B HewlettApril 27, 2020

What an outstanding commencement address. It reminds me somewhat of Robert Fulghams wonderful book, “Everything I know I learned in Kindergarten,” which I have quoted at the couple of commencement type events I have been asked to speak at myself over the years. Sage advice at a significant moment, never to be forgotten, Scot. Congratulations to the graduate, and to his supportive proud wife and in-laws who made lemonade out of lemons!



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