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July 24, 2021

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John R McMinnApril 26, 2020

We know the Paces well. They were members of our ward in Tremonton, our kids grew up with theirs. We have worked together in Church Callings and in the School district. Their story of service and talent is one that should be shared with the world. I think Meridian Magazine could do a very insightful piece on them.

Bob and Iantha FolkmanApril 22, 2020

We know Elder Dee Pace -- a remarkable, talented, and faithful man who worked in our Box Elder schools, the Brigham City Temple, the Heritage Theatre, and more. This is a great loss to Box Elder County and the Brigham City area community.

Mero BillApril 21, 2020

we passes our condolence to Elder Pace, may the Lord Bless you for your efforts and time that you have committed to serve the Lord. And we also pass our love to his families members is such a time, we pray that God will bless you all with peace and courage.

Victor & Sherry RamosApril 20, 2020

Sincere condolences for the passing of Elder Pace. May our comforter bless his family.



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