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July 18, 2024

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Called to serveMay 12, 2020

I have printed all of these articles out and am studying them intensely. Our daughter in law has decided to go back to school, three hours away from her family. We have voluteered to come and stay with our son and their children to help. Can you give me any additional guidelines or recommendations of how be successful in this grandparent mission?

Lynette A LewisApril 13, 2020

I loved your idea of creating a family tree and then sharing stories of the ancestors. My grandson is 'creating' the tree drawing digitally for us. We wanted to see how you organized the "Root System" to show rows to the 16 ancestors on the bottom. Would you share a picture of the bottom part of your Tree? Thanks so much for your motivating & inspiring articles.

SharonApril 8, 2020

Such good advice. I've found that my teenage grandkids tend to withdraw from family together time, such as meals at our house. I like the idea of one-on-one dates. I text them once in awhile, but often don't get a response.

Richard EyreApril 8, 2020

All the best to all you Grandparents. Stay well and strong!



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