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March 28, 2023

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Stewart LangApril 8, 2020

Your article didn’t note that the Meridian Idaho quake was also felt as far north as a Calgary Alberta. It was noted that several in our downtown high rise condos felt the swaying!

ScottHApril 7, 2020

It is wise to be cautious about about assigning divine patterns to natural phenomena, simply due to our finite capacities in light of God's omniscience. This cuts the other way too. Some have used mathematical randomness in observed phenomena as evidence of lack of divine intervention. Apparently many of these ur-smart people fail to comprehend that an omnipotent God must be capable of complex efforts that appear random to even the brightest human scientists.

Ralph LApril 7, 2020

Matt 24: 7 "...and earthquakes, in divers places." vs 8 "All these are the beginning of sorrows." vs 6 "...but the end is not yet." There have always been earthquakes, with worldwide news we hear of more in divers places so earthquakes are hard to judge as being a sign of the last days. Remember it also says the end is not yet, there is more to come.



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