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August 9, 2022

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Linda WillisApril 7, 2020

Oh how we are going to miss your articles from Morocco. Keep writing because your ability to paint pictures with words is straight from on high. We were given a choice here at the bottom of the world in the middle of nowhere (New Zealand) to stay on our mission or go home. Sister Foxx and I gratefully chose to stay. The Lord has another plan for both of you.

DeleyneApril 7, 2020

Enjoyed reading about your return from Morocco. Very reminiscent of my granddaughter’s return from Brazil. Glad you are able to relax and catch your breath and get reoriented to the unsettled spring here.

Haze KompelienApril 7, 2020

I loved hearing the story of your return. I think your description of this time as a snow day, an extended snow day, a long, drawn out snow day is so accurate. Welcome home.

Sherry BrownApril 7, 2020

Thanks for your insights Marilynn. I love reading your articles and I'm glad you are home, safe and healthy; we'll try to keep you that way. Our grandson Jake is still undergoing self-quarantine on his Seattle mission.



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