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March 28, 2023

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Roberta HarrisApril 9, 2020

What a beautiful, memorable podcast. Spiritually uplifting. We appreciate you both so much and are very grateful for Meridian and the messages we are fortunate to receive. Thank you.

Sharee HughesApril 7, 2020

I, too, love Rob Gardner's" Lamb of God." I first heard it in Abravanel Hall in Salt Lake CIty, then went down to American Fork to hear it again as someone I knew was in it. Wonderful piece of music. And our stake did it this past fall. Even our stake, with a small choir, did a great job. They ad wonderful soloists and terrific narration. I bawled a lot. I didn't just cry, I bawled!

EvelynApril 7, 2020

I read and listen to your podcast every week. This week's was wonderful. Thanks for sharing you experiences and testimony with us. Greetings from Honduras!!!!

Linda Starr WinansApril 3, 2020

LOVED this podcast! I was immediately transported back to our Israel tour with you last year. Between the Garden of Gethsemane, the Tomb, and Peter's song it was a rich, fulfilling experience. (Wish weI could have been there for your sing-along.) Thank you for sharing your hearts and souls with us all. How richly blessed I am to experience and increase my understanding of our precious Savior and the atonement. My cup runneth over!!! Happy Easter, Scot & Maurine!!!!!



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