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February 21, 2024

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Scott BrownApril 2, 2020

@Sterling Barrow - Elaine Dalton's talk was given in the April 2007 General Young Women's meeting. Since the church web site includes that session as part of the April 2007 General Conference, I assert that Sister Dalton's talk titled "Stay on the Path" is the first General Conference talk to use the phrase "covenant path". Sister Dalton was actually quoting Jeffrey R. Holland's article from the October 2006 Ensign titled - What I Wish Every New Member Knew—and Every Longtime Member Remembered

Linda WillisApril 2, 2020

Knowing that Moses 1:39 was the most quoted scripture is most interesting since both Russell M Ballard and Theodore Burton indicated in Conference talks that it could read: This is Their work and Their glory referring to our Heavenly Parents.

Sterling BarrowApril 1, 2020

Excellent compilation of statements by our leaders regarding the covenant path. The first use of the exact term “ the covenant path“ is found in D Todd Christofferson‘s April 2009 General Conference talk titled The Power of Covenants. “In the covenant path we find a steady supply of gifts and help.“

Teresa SanofskyApril 1, 2020

Well done! The numbers are fascinating and the graphs make them easy to understand.  Studying this comprehensive look at trending topics in conference talks and pondering the implications is another way I'll prepare for conference.  Thank you!



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