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April 6, 2020

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ABApril 2, 2020

People like Bill Gates are nudging in totalitarian actions. It will be important to watch his motives and how his influence is felt at the government and international levels. He offers security over liberty in his actions through his technology offerings in the name of public health. By design, people are asked to give up consent/right to choice, right to privacy, and personal health decisions.

Steve HillMarch 28, 2020

Thank you for this article. I do not live in the USA, and our government has adopted a semi-totalitarian approach for handling of the coronavirus situation. It has yet to be a week since he strictest measures were put in place, and cracks are showing, with many becoming very frustrated. Severe consequences await anyone who does not follow the protocols in place, but neither is there any mention of strengthening one's immune system.

John P.March 24, 2020

Insightful and timely reminder! Thank you for pointing out the positive, functioning elements of American society and government.

Bonnie Hart MurrayMarch 24, 2020

I am not an expert, but from my observations, there are no unbiased news sources left. Therefore, in my humble opinion, we need to listen to what any person is saying, and observe the policies they are implementing, and see how their words and deeds line up with Constitutional principles and the principles of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is how I believe we can discern the truth in a time when the press and the politicians all seem to have obvious biases.

Graig SmithMarch 24, 2020

I found this scholarly application of the founding documents and events of our democracy surprisingly relevant to today's Corona virus battle! Thank you!

Bruce FunkMarch 24, 2020

Just as the respect shown a Sunday School teacher is a microcosm of the respect we hold for parents, for the prophet and ultimately for the Savior and our Heavenly Father, so is the apparent inefficiency of our Republic and its system of checks and balances. This apparent political system inefficiency is actually witness to the greater efficiency of the rule of law and liberty in our lives. Chaos theory schools us in realizing that what looks like chaos on the surface is actually the result of many measured connections underneath and really is not uncontrolled or random at all. So, those who look only in a shallow manner at our system of push-me/pull-you politics and manner of making decisions will see what seems to be an unordered or random, uncaring interaction of non-connected governmental bodies. Can we do/be better? Oh, yes we can. Could we be more considerate and less selfish in our political motivations? Yes, we could. But it is only with a free-wheeling system unencumbered with central, seemingly-efficient, centralized decision-making that we can truly realize the benefit of a larger efficiency. In choosing to follow the Savior in a preexistent realm we chose this current existence of choice and seemingly random interactions because it was the right choice. We could see the benefit of choice over dictated behavior - that the larger efficiency of happy Eternal Life could only really be obtained with millions of interacting decisions on a much smaller scale. What a great privilege it is to live in a nation where we can most closely aspire to all levels of efficiency!



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