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February 21, 2024

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Christie ButtersMarch 24, 2020

I’m a 63 yr old Nana. For the last few years I have been FaceTiming 8 grandchildren, one daughter, and a neighbor everyday reading the Book of Mormon. It has created a bond with my grandchildren that I didn’t think was possible. It takes about 15 to 20 mins a person, so you do the math. I start out talking about their day and sometimes they open up to me before their own parents about how they are navigating life. They range from 9 years to 35 yrs. It’s the best use of my time that I could ever imagine! It has been a great blessing to all of us, and a daily bond that will last into eternity!!!!!

Linda and Richard EyreMarch 24, 2020

We welcome your comments on these weeks articles. Lets make this a kind of "forum" where grandparents can be in touch and give each other ideas and insights.



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