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March 24, 2023

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MaryannMarch 26, 2020

This article is a beautiful reminder that we need to focus on hope and peace in our Savior, and to have a positive perspective. President Nelson's past counsel that we should all take our vitamins has added meaning now! I, too, am so grateful that he is our Prophet and I have faith that if we follow his counsel we will be blessed and more prepared, come what may.

Frank PierceMarch 26, 2020

I didn't really have much concern over it until the Church started to close temples and especially when General Conference was postponed and the venue for it changed. The Prophet and Church leadership is taking it seriously enough to shut down essential Church tasks, such as missionary and temple work. Kind of like a joke we had in the Army: If you see an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Specialist running, you better be running too! I'm glad that we have our year supply saved up and our finances in compliance with our leaders advise!

Bob PowelsonMarch 24, 2020

If this pause is too long there is going to be no economy to go back to. It certainly is not easy, but since I am in my 80s and retired I won't be going back to work. If I get the Covid virus it almost certain to be fatal. I don't like be confined to my home where I live alone. Its like being in prison in many ways. So I am a bad boy and I go out and about from time to time.

CynthiaMarch 24, 2020

Thank you for this well written article. I glory in the knowledge that we are guided by a living Prophet. Thank you for sharing your talent in writing. You did an awesome job!

ChristaMarch 24, 2020

Wonderful thank you for sharing. I will need to read this often.

John H OldroydMarch 23, 2020

Spot on, the Lord and the present situation are exactly how he blesses us, not punish but blesses us Having a Prophet to lead us through life's difficult problems God and we as a people know which way we are headed. Listening to the Prophet allows us to feel His influence in all ways.

Jo Ann OkelberryMarch 23, 2020

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us. It is a very hard for many, many people, and President Nelson has given us peaceful counsel. Every day I thank Heavenly Father for our prophets. We are truly blessed.

G LeeMarch 23, 2020

What a great read! Yet another tender mercy knowing who was needed especially in these unsettling times.

Sharee HughesMarch 23, 2020

President Nelson, is, indeed, a prophet prepared "for such a time as this."

Beagle Lover in the SouthMarch 23, 2020

"Be Still and know that I am God" - comes to mind. Why all this panic and needless worry?? you should have your food storage, some cash on hand and a month's savings - as we have been counseled to have for literally decades. If you are not quite there, don't stress about it. The Lord knows when we are trying to follow the Prophet and we're doing what we can with what we have. He also knows when we have disregarded Him. If you have not prepared, well get with it! Many more global events will happen before the Second Coming, count on it. No time like the present to follow the Prophet, start today. Keep the faith - we are pioneers in a modern world.



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