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April 6, 2020

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marilyn MeinzerMarch 16, 2020

I love this and would like to copy those statistics for future use, but would like to know the references they came from !

MichelleMarch 16, 2020

Great article, although you did say the news media reports the negative to gain money - but then used other news agencies to site positive articles, so I would say they are making money off of the good, positive news as well.

Char ValentinerMarch 16, 2020

Just what is needed in today’s world! Thank you for generously sharing this very thoughtful advice!

Susan LethbridgeMarch 16, 2020

Ii wish this article were on the front page of every newspaper and was in everyone’s inbox on their news feed. I am a “ the glass is half full” person and was uplifted to read the positive reminders. Thank you for such thoughtful comments. I have been reading books and articles by the Proctors for 25+ years and appreciate all I have learned from them.

Denise ChristensenMarch 16, 2020

What an uplifting and inspiring article. Thank you for all the research that must have gone into this article, Andy. Your grandmother would be proud! We all need to focus on hope and optimism, as well as good self-care and care of others as we move through this very brief moment in time.

Anita EMarch 16, 2020

This is so comforting and perfect for this time in which we find ourselves - and everyday. Thank you for writing this.

BonnieMarch 16, 2020

Of all that I have read this is by the best one. Thank you so very much, this came in the middle of the night when I could not sleep. Thank you for the beginning of a bright new day!



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