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May 7, 2021

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Roberta HubbardMay 21, 2020

Thank you, Anne, it was the perfect spiritual food to read this morning, thank you for sharing the light of Christ into our lives.

Pauline HarryMarch 23, 2020

I LOVE the painting! It's AMAZING

Jan KuesterMarch 19, 2020

Thank you Anne, I really needed to see, hear and feel your words. They are wisdom and love just at the time when I needed them. :-)

TammiMarch 12, 2020

Sister Pratt, I absolutely love this article! Thank you.

Jennie MurdockMarch 12, 2020

Thank you Anne...I really loved . and aligned with your message about light. I'll be sharing it with others. Love, Jennie

VardellMarch 12, 2020

When Benjamins people felt the fear of the Lord come upon them, when Alma felt the pains of a damned soul, when the Lamanites were paralyzed by darkness, they all prayed for the forgiveness and mercy of Christ. They didn't do a hundred little self help things, they merely asked Christ to save them, to have mercy on them. That is how our darkness is turned to joy. It worked for them and I testify that it still works today. How many times have you tried their prayer, Jesus thou son of God have mercy on me?

Robin PrestonMarch 12, 2020

Thank you. This came at a very difficult time for me.I appreciate all that you've shared. I will aim to change my focus.



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