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August 19, 2022

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SandiMarch 14, 2020

Spot on RaNae. We are at least a month behind bc of the lack of leadership at the top. Thankful for the scientists and doctors who spoke out and stood their ground regardless of what this administration was saying.

Dr. Ken CurtisMarch 13, 2020

Let’s not make this political! A President does not make a decision without consulting the experts so if there is disagreement with the experts, discuss it with them. Let’s not depend on the significantly split news commentators on any channel but listen to the CDC or HHS experts. This is not a political issue so I would suggest that we stop trying to blame anyone but seek solutions.

MaryannMarch 12, 2020

Please don't use the Corona Virus as an excuse to criticize President Trump or, worse yet, to call him untruthful. That is a very serious accusation. He has been VERY responsible in handling this issue. This is a time to be united, not to be critical or make unfounded statements. I appreciate the accuracy of Ken's comment. Thank you!

KenMarch 11, 2020

Regarding the criticism leveled towards President Trump. the following is an excerpt from the CDC website which was recommended.. The U.S. government has taken unprecedented steps with respect to travel in response to the growing public health threat posed by this new coronavirus: Foreign nationals who have been in China or Iran within the past 14 days cannot enter the United States. U.S. citizens, residents, and their immediate family members who have been in China or Iran within in the past 14 days can enter the United States, but they are subject to health monitoring and possible quarantine for up to 14 days. On March 8, CDC recommended that people at higher risk of serious COVID-19 illness avoid cruise travel and non-essential air travel. Additionally, CDC has issued the following additional specific travel guidance related to COVID-19. Please note the use of the word unprecedented. The CDCs use of this word denotes the complete opposite of the inaction that is inferred in the critical comment.

RaNae Healy, PhDMarch 10, 2020

Listen to the medical people, the CDC. President Trump and his administration has not been truthful and has not taken the urgent precautions necessary. They are trying to catch up. Stay off FOX cable news as they enable Trump. Use your critical thinking and be prepared for the worst and hope for the best. Truth matters, facts matter, science matters.

Carol AnnMarch 10, 2020

Thank you, Carolyn. You always give common sense assurance when we need it the most!



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