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October 24, 2020

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Jesse BrownMarch 13, 2020

I am so very grateful for medication I take that helps me control anxiety and depression. But, I have discovered that the more I strive to be an edifying influence on others, the more God helps to edify me.

Karen BergesonMarch 9, 2020

Thank you for the honest articles (and book) you have been writing! it is so good to hear of like-minded saints, open to so much good in the world and also staying true to the gospel. Our family has been through (and still going through) a lot of mental health trials, but I continue to learn so much of what is possible to help! And I too want everyone to have a message of real hope. Way to go! We're happy to support you in your efforts - truly.

Pauline HarryMarch 6, 2020

There is the mind/body/spirit connection. I believe balancing and healing the body can heal the mind. New science in the field of nutrition can be very helpful. It seems to make sense that we are what we eat, one of the variables we may control, besides the right supplementation.

DonnaMarch 6, 2020

Jacob. I love your sprit and articles. I just finished listening to the book about Silence - Outstanding. But when I read this wonderful article and encounter a word like chronicity....I am a very bright, educated, well read woman & Mom of 5 ( that explains everything, right?), but I don't know what the word chronicity means. It would be helpful to talk in every day language when speaking to the masses, and keep the fancy words for articles for fellow scholars. Thanks.

vickieMarch 6, 2020

thank you for your comments. I wrote a long comment but my computer messed it up. yes so much more needs to change with how people who have mental illness are treated. there are different degrees of it and some of its inherited. not everyone is the same so one pill doesn't fit all. there should be no LABELS at all. and there is nothing that is final. questions that are asked when first seeing a doctor need to change. as a matter of fact its best to just ask the patient what is happening. also I think a blood test needs to be prove what is going on or even an MRI. more of an investigation needs to happen because people who have thyroid problems can have mood problems. so many physical things can cause mood disorders and once these are treated some of it goes away. more testing needs to be done then once the test shows something then treatment can begin. I know I suffered because of a lack of testing and other things. I feel if these things aren't done then we are going to see more problems then ever. the stigma has got to go. having faith in God has helped me so much and being a member in the church as well.



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