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May 5, 2021

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Joyce WoolfMarch 8, 2020

For more true accounts of heavenly help for missionaries read the book Mine Angels Round About by David F Babbel, former president in Brazil

Bruce NormanMarch 6, 2020

While serving a mission in Johannesberg, S Africa, with my wife in 2003 our President related an experience of two young sisters. They decided the next morning they would like to climb a hill near where they lived for morning worship and view the sunrise. They did as planned, and on the way home two men that were hiding jumped out, threw each of them to the ground and were on top of them when suddenly the men looked up and, with expressions of fright, jumped up and ran off, leaving the two sisters unharmed. They could only imagine that perhaps some Nephite warriors appeared to those men and frightened them off, or maybe and African Lion. But neither of the sisters saw anything or anyone. Needless to say, our President warned all the sisters to please not put themselves in places of danger.

RachaelMarch 5, 2020

My sister served her mission in Paraguay in the late 1980's. She told me that at one point she and her companion were alone in the mission home. The mission home was built around a little courtyard. Apparently a man had climbed over the wall into the courtyard and was attempting to break down the door and enter the mission home. My sister and her companion was praying fervently for protection. They were in the room where the man was trying too break in. She said it was a flimsy door, and should have given way with one shove, but he kicked and beat at the door and it held. There was glass transom over the top of the door, and the man had some kind of metal bar, and when he could not breach the door, he began beating the glass with the metal rod. The GLASS BENT, BUT IT DID NOT BREAK. Finally he became frustrated and left and shortly thereafter others arrived at the mission home. This could only be the result of the direct intervention of heaven. ". . . But behold, I Nephi, will show unto you that the tender mercies of the Lord are over all those whom he hath chosen, because of their faith, to make them mighty even unto the power of deliverance." (1Nephi 1:20)

MonicaMarch 5, 2020

While serving in a foreign country years ago, I struggled greatly with the language. I was so discouraged and had physical ailments because of the mental stress I was enduring. I was on the phone with my parents ready to come home, and my dad told me in this phone call that he had prayed fervently using his priesthood power in my behalf. The night before when I was asleep I woke up because it felt as if someone physically had their hands on my head. I know angels were acting in proxy to my father's hands. I completed a wonderful mission and did learn the language.

JoyceMarch 5, 2020

When a missionary years ago my companion and I were driving along the freeway when a driver ahead of us was slowing down and backing up. I as the driver attempting to avoid being hit, turned the car sharply. We were headed for the guardrail at a pretty fast speed. As the car came to the rail, it suddenly turned. My companion later said she felt someone turn the wheel. I know that I didn't turn the wheel. So we felt someone (an angel) had turned that car so we were safe.



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