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November 30, 2022

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LizSMarch 9, 2020

DavidD. It may not lead to an actual temple sealing but I think both you and I know that this would be appropriate behaviour as it might lead to an honorable marriage as outlined in the family proclamation.

Neal ChristensenMarch 9, 2020

Those students protesting are already engaging in prohibited behavior, privately. There are plenty of colleges and universities that allow open homosexuality; they should go there. How many of these protesters are actually BYU students, and how many are "bused in" professional protesters? Satan is working very hard to tear down the Church; this is clearly what is happening here.

MaryannMarch 5, 2020

Thank you for clarifying that same-sex romantic behavior is not in harmony with the BYU honor code. I am very grateful for this clear explanation. It would be very difficult to maintain the Spirit of the Lord on campus if students had to witness hand-holding or other romantic behavior between same-sex couples. There is an abundance of other colleges and universities who welcome those who choose to pursue a gay lifestyle.

DavidDMarch 5, 2020

If a widow was sealed in the temple to her deceased husband, would she be prohibited from romantic behavior with a man she is dating at BYU because it could not lead to eternal marriage to him?



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