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May 31, 2023

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carolynMarch 4, 2020

M Neale, Check out this article: You can be outside as long as you stay in your backyard, 6 feet away from those outside the family. I'm jealous of snow. Build snowmen, put up barriers and have a snow ball war and go in and drink hot cocoa.

AmyMarch 2, 2020

The direction is to stay 6 feet away from people when in public, not in your own home. If you have a yard that is larger than 36 square feet you can be in it, as long as others from the neighborhood are not coming into it too.

Leon PowellMarch 2, 2020

There is only one way to know if your prepared, just, one day self impose isolation for a week, you will learn really quick what you have overlooked! There are only two of us left a month or two would not be a problem but after that it would be very uncomfortable I think!

PatMarch 2, 2020

This is a great article. The one thing I don't understand is the part that says you will need to stay 6 feet away from those that are quarantined. I would have to do this in my own home? Obviously the writer has never had children in their home. My kids wouldn't stay 6 feet away from me ever!

M NealeMarch 2, 2020

Some interesting ideas but not all e.g. outdoor activities- are practical if you are in a winter I.e. snow area. Would like to have seen a list of items that would help sustain the family for the 14 day period. Did not think they would be outside, if in isolation.



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