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December 4, 2022

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NIhla JuddMarch 2, 2020

It has been a struggle for many years to understand the "whisperings of the spirit". It is ever so quiet and gentle, but thanks to our prophet and apostles, I've learned to trust the thoughts that come to my mind - especially solicitations to help others. When I make a decision to trust and then act, amazing things take place. Thank you, President Nelson, once again for nudging us to listen and respond. It works! It really works.

Sally SmithMarch 1, 2020

I rejoice in the prophets words asking us to read and ponder the scriptures, especially. As I do this I feel how much the Savior loves me and all his people. I am continually receiving revelation about who the Savior really is and how I can be a better disciple. I know he lives and loves and loves us.



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