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March 20, 2023

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Bob TaylorFebruary 29, 2020

"when was the last time you heard from a general authority that we need food storage "-- how do you get to the conclusion it is no longer important just because it is not being talked about? i respectfully disagree. there comes a time when the Lord stops giving warnings and moves onto other things - frx, the current emphasis from our Prophet is learning how to receive personal revelation.

Jerry BrownFebruary 29, 2020

In response to James Watsons response, I will say this: We have been warned for many, many years to have the food storage items we, as a family, will need. Consider this James; President Boyd K. Packer said "we have been warned for a long time. We (Quorum of the 12) talk no more as the Lord will now preach His own sermon." That was said many year ago James. Best you prepare yourself!

James WatsonFebruary 27, 2020

For many years the Church has said have a year supply of food etc. Even President Hinckley said at one time perhaps that it was almost to late to get it in time. Yet when was the last time you heard from a general authority that we need food storage. A long time ago. I guess it's not really important any longer.

Raeann PeckFebruary 27, 2020

Consider taking adequate Vitamin D3 or getting plenty of sunlight on arms and legs every least 1/2 hour in the sun. Also, take probiotics, Vitamin B complex and Vitamin C. Get healthy food, adequate sleep, wash your hands. Keep your hands away from your nose and eyes. Avoid people who are coughing or sneezing. Don't be afraid to leave church if rude people show up sick.

Maurine McLleanFebruary 26, 2020

Thanks Carolyn, this is a fine article--so thorough. I've read every word and will send a copy to my daughter with whom I live here in Layton. I love seeing your name on Meridian Magazine. It brings California a little bit closer!

vickieFebruary 26, 2020

THIS IS ONLY the beginning.....I am always ill with something or other so I know my immune system is not good. I was told this years ago. im old and my kids are getting older as well. I pray for my grandchildren...two of my grandkids have already done their missions one in Singapore and the other in peru. now I have one going to Chicago Illinois very soon. from what I see what we can do is prepare and pray. the 2 P'S....prepare and pray.

Sandy ReddishFebruary 25, 2020

Thank you for the update! We are planning to spend some extra money from savings to stock up this weekend. We are going to clear out a room the basement and get some more food nd hygiene supplies for our home storage. I always appreciate your articles



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