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May 31, 2023

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LisaMarch 10, 2020

We really try to not be bossy with our grown kids. We ask ahead of time if they need help with something being fixed while we're in town so Dad brings tools. We feel free to jump in and clean dishes or mend broken household items... those kinds of things. I saw myself commenting on messy toys everywhere - so I have stopped. I pick up here and there but have learned to live with the way they live. They now realize they have too many toys/books and with baby 2 coming they have been storing and rotating toys. We want to be welcome when we visit - we don't ever want them to feel we're intruding. "Anything we can help with" is always a good approach.

Gordon TaylorFebruary 19, 2020

Guys, Great to read your series. Would love to send your the book Susan and I wrote 'Family Councils - God's Pattern for Parenting. send me your address or you can get it on The book shares our 45 years of using the family council model of parenting our 8 children and now 23 grandchild. Families are wonderful. Gordon & Susan Taylor



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