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November 26, 2022

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JulieFebruary 20, 2020

In fact this is the new normal. And his daughters are his overriding priority. The girlfriend is way down the list of his priorities. Blood is thick and boomers enjoy having their children at home. Boomers want a relationship with few strings and occasional contact.

GrandpaFebruary 16, 2020

The fortunate part of this is that the writer knows up front that this issue exists and won't be surprised by it should the relationship progress. She can make her decisions before the relationship deepens.

HelenFebruary 15, 2020

In many countries around the world there is only one bathroom in the whole house and everyone must share it!

KarenFebruary 14, 2020

After having been in a step-parent relationship, (which is incredibly challenging under the best circumstances, if he is not willing to make some major changes, I would say run, don’t walk from this relationship

MaryannFebruary 14, 2020

Telling his adult daughters they "can live with him as long as they like" would be a big deal breaker for me. The mother passed away five years ago. One of the daughters is already 26. Why are they still living with him? I can see all kinds of problems ahead for this woman if she continues in this relationship. Look for a man who will be your true partner and who desires the same privacy you want in your relationship with him, not someone who is hung up on his daughters.



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