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October 26, 2021

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kerFebruary 16, 2020

Mike Kennedy was a better choice for Utah, but most people did not do their homework when it came to looking into the background and voting record of the candidates

D.J. FullerFebruary 16, 2020

The problem with Mitt's vote is something MUCH larger than the comments this far. Romney is NOT elected to vote his OWN conscience!! He is elected to represent the VOTERS of Utah - not himself. Romney represents Utah - not the personal views of Mitt. Huge difference that keeps getting over looked! You elect a Senator or House member to office and they in turn are supposed to represent the will of the voters, not themselves. Get it? All this talk of his own personal opinion misses the mark - he's to vote the will of the people he represents. No idea why that keeps getting lost in the dialogue here. Very important point!

DougFebruary 16, 2020

The first five comments are true AND say it all.

Andrew J. CurrieFebruary 15, 2020

I have no problem with a person's faith influencing his decisions. In fact, personal faith is one of my main considerations in my voting for the person. What I think the D-news article missed is that many people nation-wide who object to Romney's vote are seriously concerned about his motivation. Given the unfairness of the 'trial' in the House; given the lack of any actual facts or witness testimony regarding guilt (don't forget, we got to watch and hear it all on TV); given the conflation of responsibilities between the House and Senate; given the Democrats' history of lying and vindictiveness throughout the three years of Trump's term; given Romney's repeated, failed, two-faced pandering to get positions in Trump's administration; given Romney's failure to ever cite a single material fact demonstrating Trump's abuse of his Constitutional authority; and given Romney's own abusive way of even getting on the UT ballot by overthrowing the UT Republican caucus process; and given that Romney is nothing more than a modern-day "carpetbagger" who is not truly interested in the people of UT, is it any wonder people are disappointed and ashamed that he represents us? People are not upset because Romney stood for his values; we/re upset because his values appear to be purely self-directed.

Dallas EricksonFebruary 15, 2020

How can a former Stake President who testified to the truthfulness of the Gospel and the Plan of Happiness ever be in favor of killing the unborn? The most horrific crime to ever hit the face of the earth! Millions of little ones that if left intact and left to be born would have had the opportunity God planned for them to have bodies and progress and grow! When he came out in favor of this horrible crime against God's Plan and gay marriage and rights I could never trust his judgement again. His latest decision to make history and side with the pro-aborts was all self serving and had nothing to do with inspiration from God in my opinion. I think the years long effort to unseat a President, one that has been the greatest champion for life in the history of America, is all about abortion. Trump is well on his way to change the judges and the courts that will allow making the killing of the unborn illegal again.

BwillFebruary 15, 2020

The problem with Senator Romney isn’t his faith, it’s his lack of convictions. Is he the Mitt who supported abortion in his Senate campaign against Ted Kennedy in Massachusetts, or the Mitt who was pro-life when he ran for Senate in Utah? Is he the guy who sought an endorsement from Donald Trump and later groveled for a spot as Secretary of State, or the sour grapes “never Trumper” that voted for impeachment on non existent “evidence” A very selfish man. I am embarrassed that he represents Utah and the religion.

BabsFebruary 14, 2020

Whether to God or your country keeping an oath or promise is important and what ever religion you follow should not matter. That is what he did, he kept his oath to himself, his God and his country. I would trust that over the many others who make promises but don't keep them because they are afraid to stand up.

LynetteFebruary 14, 2020

I’ll be the first to comment ... although I believe Romney is a good person and vote however he chooses, I don’t believe he had all the facts in this instance. How could he? Nobody does because the democrats wouldn’t let the facts out. Romney should have realized this and instead of going for the “notice me” vote, should have kept his head down.

NDHFebruary 14, 2020

While I appreciate Romney voting his conscience, on his conclusion for the indictment, I can only assume that with all of the hours and hours of repetitive false accusations, he somehow missed the Republican's defense revealing their lies and he didn't watch the testimony from the House hearings that went on an on for months with no real evidence of wrongdoing. I can think of no other reason for the conclusion he came to. A sad day for Romney and the poor example of Mormons.

RCook52February 13, 2020

I think you miss one important decision option for Mitt. His motives could have been very selfish and not motivated at all by "pray always". He lost a presidential election to Obama that he should have won. Trump beat him in the next primary. Mitt has been successful in most things he's put his hand to until now. Maybe this time he's feeling sour grapes.



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