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December 8, 2023

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Brad AndersonJanuary 29, 2020

I'm a little confused. Why is Lehi's "Promised Land" (Meso America), and the Restoration's "Promised Land" two different places separated by over 7,000 miles?

RoxyLynneJanuary 24, 2020

He was mentioned to show God's hand and that the unfolding of events was part of a plan. Of course, God knew that evil men in this time would vilify Christopher Columbus but members of the church should know better.

Mike M.January 24, 2020

In his book, The Great Prologue, Mark E. Peterson tells about a critical time in the voyage of Columbus and his crew, most of whom feared they would eventually fall off the edge of a flat world. “After weeks of their sailing with no sight of land, mutiny raised its head. Finally Columbus promised the captains of the Pinta and the Nina, both of whom wanted to stop the expedition, that if no land was sighted in forty-eight hours, he would turn back. “Then he went to his cabin and ‘prayed mightily to the Lord,’ as he expressed it. On October 12, the very next day, they sighted land. Such a prayer was completely in character for Columbus, for he believed his voyage was inspired by God.”



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