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February 25, 2024

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Lynn HDecember 27, 2019

My daughter-in-law blocked me on social media years ago right after her first child was born. It’s hurtful since they live out of state. Social media brings out the best and the worst of us sometimes. I continue to show love to her and hope that someday things will change.

Tony FullerDecember 27, 2019

I think it's more of a generational gap, the parents-in-law could very well expect to be the first, and maybe the only, persons to see the family pictures. I read in an advice column in one paper, the writer said she wasn't interested in being informed of the birth of her new grand-child by a Facebook post, along with the whole rest of the world. (This was a put-down for everyone to read.) The daughter-in-law could go off social media for awhile, some people are addicted to it. maybe when she goes back on she will use it more sparingly. I've noticed that it can soak up a lot of time if you let it.



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