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August 19, 2022

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John R McMinnDecember 15, 2019

I can relate to the toy assembly on Christmas eve, one year as we were just settling in our bed we could hear our kids starting to stir. That was a long day. Scot, I am glad you are as tender hearted as I am, I too started to tear up as you talked about the grandmother's blanket. Merry Christmas!

J JamisonDecember 13, 2019

I ADORED "Mr. Krueger's Christmas" when it 1st appeared for me - I read that Jimmy Stewart ad-libbed much of this scene which always makes me cry - I had to recommend the podcast to one of our Institute Admin.

CynthiaDecember 13, 2019

Thank for this beautiful and heart-touching article. It was so tender and sincere. Just what I needed to welcome in the Christmas spirit today!

karell BinghamDecember 13, 2019

That was a touching tender story! Thank you for deepening my love of Christmas and Christ!

Jan KingDecember 13, 2019

What a beautifully tender story! Having raised a little lamb I understand the nature of these animals and the need to protect them from the dangers of dogs roaming in the night and from the elements. That the scriptures are filled with the Savior's love for us, as His lambs, and His sacrifice as the Lamb of God, is very dear to me. Thank you.



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