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December 3, 2022

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james smithFebruary 10, 2020

if only the president has a key, who cleans the room? the president?

Mark KiteFebruary 8, 2020

The short answer is every post millennium temple built has one sealing room specially designated to serve as a Holy of Holies (or Most Holy Place). Tellingly, it will have a locked door, accessible from only within the sealing room, where the Second Sealing (Washing of Feet) ordinance is performed. Only the temple president has a key to this room. For example, Sealing Room 8 in the Provo Utah Temple has such a door. Therefore, any temple can be tasked with providing a Holy Place for the Lord, at any time. It is simply dedicated for the purpose, the work is done, and then it is temporarily "decommissioned" (for lack of a better word), reverting to a standard sealing room again, until needed for its special purpose. Having said all that, I'd imagine the First Presidency would still prefer having a separate, fully-dedicated Holy Place for the prophet to communicate with the Lord, at all times. In such case, it would makes sense to re-dedicate one of the former Holy of Holies in one of the original Pioneer Era temples—Manti, Ogden, or St. George. Or one of the other Wasatch Group of temples—West Jordan, Mount Timpanogas, and Provo come readily to mind. Regardless of where the Lord instructs His Church to move the Holy Place to, I'm quite sure it has been taken into account, and is operating at this moment.

Neal ChristensenDecember 5, 2019

What will be done with the Holy of Holies during this time?

Nancy MendenhallDecember 5, 2019

Will the sessions still be live or will they have rims?

Jan KingDecember 5, 2019

Thank you so much for this great, and very informative article on our beloved Salt Lake temple!!

Debrah RoundyDecember 5, 2019

Wow! I do not know it I can wait four years. The artist renderings are beautiful. What an open house it will be, not to be missed! Sure look forward to ongoing up date posts!

CaptainDecember 5, 2019

I'm assuming the endowment session will remain "live" to maintain historicity? Anyone heard about this?



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