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May 20, 2022

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RuthDecember 4, 2019

I noticed in the video there was hay in the manger. I was curious about that because I have read that at that time of year there wouldn't have been hay. So I'm curious if that is historically accurate or not.

Marti Scott'December 4, 2019

The sound is so soft, I can't hear it and there's no captioning. So I don't get to enjoy it

Sharon ProctorDecember 4, 2019

Though I understand what you mean by Joseph seeking room in the guest area of family, there may also have been regular inns in the area, as the Joseph Smith changed the word "inn" to "inns" in the Joseph Smith Translation.

James RDecember 3, 2019

The article refers to Mary wrapping baby Jesus in swaddling clothes. "As any Palestinian woman would have".? The term Palestinian in a modern day term that was derived during the British occupation of the Holy land. Mary was an Israelite and a Jew, both would have been better choices of words to use then the loaded term Palestinian. Great insights to how the actual events would have looked. What a wonderful event and time to celebrate.

Cinda C. AthertonDecember 3, 2019

When guests approach Mary she covers her head. When the wise man meets Joseph he uncovers his head. I am curious to know whether or not there is any significance to these two small details depicted in the video.



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