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December 1, 2020

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Alisi FiliagaNovember 26, 2019

Your article and most articles I always follow as most speak directly to me. The daily struggles and balancing of life itself. I have been at it for nearly 4 years maybe less or more. Most times over looked Zechariah 9:12, but now truly appreciate my “double” blessing. I can be “prisoner of HOPE” and still continue knowing He hears my prayers.

Jill HallidayNovember 7, 2019

HOW can I thank you??? I was sitting here in tears, in a quandry about what to do. Like your friend, I consider my faith to be is my gift! But I had lost hope in a particular thing happening to me...a medical problem. I sat here reading about all kinds of ideas and "solutions," in medical places, when for some reason decided to check my email and there you were. Your title, coupled with your own beautiful countenance pulled me in. As I read I thought, "I don't even believe this is happening!:...your words were SO EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED in this very moment! I wasn't familiar with the Zechariah scripture (my husband has been ardently studying the Old Testament and I'm sharing his study...we've talked about that book but not THAT is PERFECT!) THANK YOU! I am going to go my way rejoicing now, for I know that just as in these wonderful examples you've given, answers will come to me.

Brenda LaCorteNovember 7, 2019

A great reminder for me as I suffer inside my prison walls daily while caregiving for my 36 yr old son who is near end of life. Upon his diagnosis of Stage 4 Renal Cell Carcinoma and paraplegia almost 4 years ago, I turned to our Lord in faith, asking Him to help me do all that I could for my son. The Lord has blessed me "double" with so much mercy, grace and strength during this trial. It is wonderful to feel His loving arms around me and to know that he cares even when it is so hard!



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