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February 16, 2020

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SKnightOctober 26, 2019

If the ex-wife wants a picture, and she asks you to take it, push the camera back and say, "Wonderful idea." Then go stand next to your husband, leaving her holding the camera.Either she'll take the hint, or go get someone else to take the picture. If he knows this is a big deal to you, your husband should stand with YOU and tell his ex-wife that pictures without you aren't appropriate for him and his current marriage. There are so many red flags here. And it seems obvious to all but you what the family wants, especially if she asks one of the "adult" kids to ask you to take the picture, and then the kid asks you. If they are adults, they should know it's not appropriate. I'm divorced, and my son just got married. We had one big picture with everyone, then we took separate pictures--with him, his new wife and the kids, and a separate one with me and my kids. THAT would be more appropriate.

HC1951October 25, 2019

Might I suggest Brooke Castillo's thelifecoachschool podcasts about her self-coaching model? I'm finding them life-changing! Another second wife.



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