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September 26, 2022

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Alexander ForsythOctober 22, 2019

My Mother worked when I was a young boy; she worked a Backshift. I HATED IT WHEN I CAME HOME FROM SCHOOL AND SHE WAS NOT THERE, FOR ME! Her not being there had a NEGATIVE EFFECT on me.

Beagle Lover in the SouthOctober 22, 2019

AMEN! As a woman I have experienced both the dismissal of not working (without children at home) and praise for being career active. Some of the biggest critics are not men but other women. We are truly blessed to be able to choose when many others are not that fortunate and working at a paid job is a necessity to make ends meet, not a choice or a luxury decision. Though we have done with less many times when I did not work, the ability for many women to contribute to greater society is a real advantage. It has allowed me to head local civic organizations or serve as their president and volunteer at many places I would not be able to if I worked full time. All these positions are non-paid of course. From my county wide Arts Council board position to animal charities to teenage programs for local youth I currently head up - a woman's impact can be great. Doing so has improved the life of locals in a way many others benefit from. *Often I am the only LDS person they have known well and this has given me opportunities to share my faith & beliefs with other Christians in the area. Much civic work is done by people of assorted faiths in my state. Though women are valued much more in the Church for raising a family, running a household etc. - many others fail to see the value of strong intact families at first glance. (women are the heart of the home) Educating folks about the importance of our families being the basic unit of society is a great way to begin a discussion of other gospel principles. Strong families make strong countries and contribute to the overall good in the world. The Family Proclamation is a wonderful inspired tool, don't forget to use it.



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