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September 19, 2021

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Vicky YeatesSeptember 30, 2019

I know that John Dehlin and followers insist that they "know" that the LGBT suicides are because of the teachings of the Church. I have listened to countless podcasts about this. I wish they could read articles like this that prove that to be wrong. And many other religions are very negative, to put it mildly, about the LGBT community.

InstagrammaSeptember 27, 2019

I can’t comment on the original article from Idaho but I would like to respond to the first comment there about parents having their gay children bullied at church. I’m appalled that any rude comments towards gays in a church setting ( or anywhere for that matter) would come from church members (and I know they sometimes do). This is NOT what we hear from the Prophet or the general Church leaders. On the contrary they plead with us almost daily to love one another. When people take offense at what is said by members (and often leave the church because of it) they will hopefully think about what the Prophet and Apostles teach and realize that the Savior is weeping when we don’t treat others kindly.



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