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November 27, 2022

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Chelsea KernSeptember 27, 2019

When I hear about starving children, my heart aches. I love reading the personal stories about the children and how they are being nourished through the nutrition program. Thank you, Rising Star!

MarybethSeptember 26, 2019

I love reading all the stories from the students and staff themselves! What an incredible difference RSO has made in giving these people a real chance at empowering themselves.

R. A.September 26, 2019

I enjoyed reading the article about the people in India. This is a wonderful cause. Thank you for posting this article.

AliciaSeptember 26, 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the comments from the staff and students and how they're already being blessed.

ElizaSeptember 26, 2019

It is wonderful to see how so many people's lives are being changed for the better.

Scot ProctorSeptember 26, 2019

100% of raised funds are going directly to the building project.

JasonSeptember 26, 2019

What percentage of each dollar donated goes to the school vs administration?

AubreySeptember 25, 2019

Thank you for posting this article. It has brightened my day!

T FSeptember 24, 2019

I love reading the words from the students, especially. To see their smiling faces next to the words-- a wonderful reminder of what this is all about.



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