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September 18, 2021

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Nicholeen PeckSeptember 25, 2019

Vickie, That is a beautiful story. There is a beautiful spirit that is present when a family in uniting to better live the gospel, even if things aren't perfect. That is a treasured memory for your whole family to always remember. Thank you for sharing it here.

vickieSeptember 23, 2019

my kids are all grown and gone. I remember trying to have family home evenings and this was good sometimes and not sometimes. we had kids very far apart in age. we tried to organize it and it worked and sometimes it didn't but we were able to get a message out. whether it was pad attention to we don't know. however, one family home evening we had was paid attention to by another person living in our home unbeknownst to us. my husbands sister was staying with us and we thought she was in her room. we were too dumb to ask her to join us but I think the way it happened worked out well. we started our family home evening with prayer and then sang a song and then tried to teach a lesson and talked and sang another song and had desert. well, my husbands sister was hiding behind a wall and watching us. she never said a word about it. later when she moved out and got to living her own life, she let me know that she had just been baptized in our church. I said what!....I couldn't believe it. she smoked and drank. I couldn't believe she had quit. she then told me why she joined the church. she said she wanted what we had and that she was watching us having family home evening. I had no idea and wondered if she saw all the fuss as well. she said she loved it. well, some people who knew her in her ward called us a few times. she had fallen and was drinking again so she couldn't stay with it. I think she did go to church off and on though until she passed away. on her death certificate it said she was a latter day saint ie Mormon. so we did her work for her. we loved her no matter how she was. she saw something and it filled her heart to see our family working together to be together.



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