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February 23, 2020

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BrettOctober 1, 2019

I love Becky’s articles. It is a good reminder to me that God is there in the details of our lives and that impossible things can happen.

Roberta and DonSeptember 24, 2019

Thank you Becky for such a wonderful article about what is and what will happen in Bihar!! We have personally witnessed what amazing "miracles" you have accomplished with RisingStar in Tamilnadu and now there is the same hope for the leprosy affected children and their parents in that area of Bihar. Thank you Becky and thank you to the Proctors.

AnnSeptember 22, 2019

Use ***** Rising Star Outreach ******* listed from Provo Utah when ordering from Amazon Smile. There are 3 pages of Rising Star charities. confusing. When ordering from Amazon, first go to Amazon smile, choose Rising Star Outreach which will receive ..05% from your purchases. Anytime you use Amazon, go first to Amazon Smile and order from there. All the item are the same. Spread the word. From Amazon Smile Rising Star Outreach Change Location: Provo, UT | Year Founded: 2001 Mission: Rising Star Outreach brings hope and dignity to children and families afflicted by leprosy in Southern India. Rising Star Outreach Inc is a 501(C)(3) non-profit charity dedicated to the eradication of leprosy and its resulting stigma. The mission of Rising Star Outreach is "To help the leprosy colonies become thriving, self-sufficient communities." We are accomplishing this through three major initiatives: Economic rehabilitation Medical care Education Programs: Sponsor a Child, Volunteer Program

Mary JSeptember 20, 2019

I use “” for everything I order through Amazon. This site allows you to choose a charity that a certain percentage of you order total will be donated to. The first time I read about Rising Star, I determined that this would be the organization that I would choose. Can you imagine how many funds would be raised in even a short time if you and all those you know would pick Rising Star as their charity?? I urge you to check it out for yourself, then spread the news. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a hospital, proper medical care, an Oh so comfortable dorm for the students? Everyone you know who orders from Amazon can help with this!

Justin MSeptember 19, 2019

Becky, thank you for your efforts to make the impossible POSSIBLE! And thank you to the Proctor's, for recognizing a way to help that vision come to light! It was hard to see in some of the photos the light of hope become dimmed through a hard life. That will be a wonderful miracle to see! My wife and I are grateful that we can be a small part of this effort through our contributions. I hope you'll report out the progress of the school, and changes in their lives!



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