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June 15, 2024

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Karin ThompsonSeptember 17, 2019

I also will keep these two missionaries in my prayers. My heart goes out to their families.. May our Heavenly Father with his infinite love and mercy allow them to heal and get well. The injured people in the truck will be in my prayers as well,

JOHN C SALAZARSeptember 17, 2019

Our most sincere prayers go out for these missionaries. We have a grandson serving and we are always praying for his safety. We will add them to prayer rolls at the temple tomorrow.

Steven K. SsenyonjoSeptember 17, 2019

Its very sad, however, I pray to the Almighty God through His mercy, love and care to heal these two missionaries who were working in His vine yard, a comfort to their parents also I pray for those who were in the truck.

GayleMarie WilkersonSeptember 17, 2019

Things are in the Lords hands and Prayers going out for the two missionaries, the medical staff taking care of the and for the families. You are not alone.

Sharon HawksSeptember 16, 2019

God bless these two missionaries and their families. Our family home evening group of widows will be praying for them this afternoon as well as personal prayers.

Larraine in CalgarySeptember 16, 2019

I am very sad about this. I know the Lord works miracles. I'm praying for these missionaries and their families.

Alexander ForsythSeptember 16, 2019

Faith, prayers, and Temple Garments are in their favor. The Church shall have acted quickly; and families shall be at their bedsides. Thank you for letting us know.



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